Indian Summer


The leader’s prompt was: “Indian Summer, summer days that hang on long into fall – Are these sunny warm days welcome?” This is what I wrote:

I don’t get the Indian Summer label – it detracts from the sovereignty of Fall, stealing the best days of Fall and reassigning them to Summer. What a raw power grab!

I say, “let Fall be Fall: Autumnal beauty of clear blue skies, warm days and colorized forests, with cool nights that require a down-comforter to sleep aside the open window.”

Migratory birds have the best Fall sensibilities: It’s time to hit the road and see the sights of continental flyways with the rest of the flock. No wavering about the change of seasons – just a clear decision, “we go now”.

Perhaps those urban geese that winter-over in city parks started the myth of Indian Summer as they gathered to debate whether bright days are evidence of time to waddle about the park scooping up slugs, spiders and tourist leftovers. I feel sad they have forgotten their identity – migratory fowl.