Favorite Memory of Mom

What’s your favorite memory of your Mom?

Mother and I finding springtime flowers
Mother and I finding springtime flowers

My favorite memory about Mom was exploring outdoors. She was adventuresome about exploring hidden areas around our farm. I loved to follow rivulets of running water in search of creatures and she indulged me. We enjoyed visiting the creek,  poking around the bank to see what the rains and high waters had left behind.

Mom’s craft projects often were kid-sized — from constructing papier-mâché objects to creating a child-kitchen from orange crates and bread tins. Such projects usually required messy gluing, taping, and painting, but Mom didn’t seem to mind the messiness.

Mother also taught kindness. She would not permit hunting or harming creatures found on our farm. We were not allowed to shoot birds, throw apples at chickens, nor chase animals with dogs, bicycles, or motor vehicles. I admit some these things were done in disobedience, but they were not allowed.

Mom had a habit of reading at bedtime. She read many books both in the rocker and at my bedside. After reading, she always said a bedtime prayer, “Bless my boy tonight and keep him safe till morning light within thine arms of love, Amen.”