Crush It

Marty, Granger, Lynne and Connie savoring a moment with Sushi, prepared by Granger

Niece Jessica says, “When you decide to become a doctor, you should not plan the whole journey, nor think about it too much, because you might give up before you begin. You should just start, take it a step at a time, and enjoy the challenge. It’s amazing how fast time passes when you’re engaged in a worthwhile pursuit.

A slightly different step-by-step prescription applies to people with cancer. Many people, perhaps the majority of people with cancer, are destined to die from their cancer. But worrying about it, or even thinking about it that much, has a way of undermining the very life we cherish.

My friend Granger from Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction left us with, “Crush It — Live every day like it’s your BEST day!”

That thought helped me today after three infusions of Keytruda. I’ve been developing neurological symptoms: seizures, numbing, and difficulty with my walking gait. I was shown yesterday’s brain MRI, which lights up like a Christmas tree — so many active nodes! But my oncological team says that’s the way it often looks with brains on immunotherapy … They call it:  Psuedo Progression.

This evening Eddy took me to REI to acquire some Black Diamond hiking poles to keep on trekkin’ with less risk of falling. A BEST day!