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men with cancer writing group
OHSU Men with Cancer Writers’ Group, May 2014

Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) offers several valuable alternative-health programs for the public. Following my diagnosis of metastatic melanoma, I joined a Men with Cancer Writers’ Group, which meets weekly on Friday afternoons. The men’s group, facilitated by Ryan Voelker, is one of several groups for writers developed by Dr. SuEllen Pommier. 

OHSU writers’ groups are based on the Amherst Writers Method. At each meeting we write from two to four stories in response to a prompt offered by the group facilitator. Following each writing exercise, we have an optional opportunity to read our writing and receive comments regarding what group members appreciated about our story and writing.

This group helps me explore dormant and present thoughts and feelings— a helpful exercise that will contribute to my healing. I find the experience feels encouraging and safe.

2 thoughts on “Writers’ Group”

  1. This writing group sounds great. I have run a writing workshop where we rapidly write short pieces from prompts, and it is amazing what people come up with when they put their internal editors on hold and just let ‘er rip.
    I laughed at the end of your piece on cancer as a mistress. You spoke of the “unusual” twist that the mistress wants to kill you. I’m not sure that’s so unusual. Don’t most mistresses reach the point where they’re ready to kill the philanderer?

  2. Marty, this sounds very healing and fun too……I write for thirty minutes or 3 pages whichever comes first in the morning and it is amazing the feelings, ideas and healing that comes up…..

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