Summer Break

Wuksachi Lodge, Sequoia National Park
Wuksachi Lodge, Sequoia National Park

Our writer’s group prompt was, “Tomorrow is the first day of summer break. Write about your expectations for the summer.” This is what I wrote.

Here’s the plan for Summer 2014: First, I’ll keep the appointment with my oncologist on June 23rd and he will confirm that my cancer continues to regress. He will again say, “You are responding to the IL-2 treatment and your reward is another round of treatment.” I think this is Dr. Curti’s favorite line, and I imagine feeling proud to be part of a happy moment for him.

My last IL-2 treatment will consume the month of July — with all of its discomforting side effects, two weeks in bed, and other indignities.  Dedicating the month of July is better than OK; it’s a reasonable exchange for a stay of the death sentence conveyed by metastatic melanoma.

August will be a month of working to regain strength in preparation for the follow-up CT scan of early September. Then, at summer’s end, I’ll receive my diploma, passport, certificate of merit, my NED finding!

Time for a dramatic celebration followed by a romantic western states road trip — the kind that road trip media presents. High Sierras, National Parks, Canyon-lands, Tetons, Yellowstone … here we come!