New Treatment Decision

Marty seated in his feckless wheelchair, “Mark,” resting for the week ahead.

I am fortunate to qualify for targeted melanoma treatment with two compounds useable on mutations expressed in my particular melanoma genome, especially since my recent treatment with Pembro was complicated by immune-related adverse effects, motor impairment and loss of personal mobility. Clinical trials have produced better-than-usual response rates, and this response is often experienced quickly, within days or weeks.

Of concern are a litany of serious side effects. Care teams like mine are developing techniques to help moderate side effects and tweak the treatments, especially at research hospitals like Portland Providence Cancer Center.

More Ongoing Conversation with Mark, the Feckless Wheelchair


“Mark, I wanted you gone last week.  How is it that you are still here?”


“Marty, you are the boss of this home-nursing facility. If you want me gone you have to arrange for a replacement.”


“I tried, and I failed. Apparently wheelchairs are in short supply around the city of Portland. At least, the ones that are comfortable and appropriate for me aren’t easy to source and purchase. I apologize for my short temper and critical remarks. Thanks for sticking with me over the past week.”


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  1. Hey Marty I just want to let you know that you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Your sense of humor is priceless. Love ya! I know you’re not sure right now, but I’m pulling for you hoping you can make it to Salem for the eclipse. I would love to share that experience with you.

    1. Tom, I will talk with Glen to create a lo stress plan to show up. Key features of the plan are traveling on a different day and having an Accessible Place to stay. So take that as The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

  2. Sounds like you are in good hands with your care team at your back (and with Mark at your butt). I know Eddy is part of your care team, and she’s a fine organizer and orchestrator. So glad you have one another! You are making tough choices and facing big challenges… and doing so with seemingly endless good spirits. Surely you know you are surrounded by Light and Love!

  3. So thrilled you have another option to explore. Will be holding you, Eddy, and even Mark, in the Light. As always, let me know if there is anything I can do.
    We missed you at Meeting. Let me know if we can have another Meeting for Marty, or if you would like Meeting brought to you. I’m happy to organize.
    Is your MRI still scheduled for tomorrow?

  4. OH, goodness, I think I remember those fine shoes….probably there’s a more appropriate word than simply “shoes” for them….I remember hearing a story you told me about them….you’ll have to repeat it when next we meet. I’d think “fine footwear” might be more appropriate.

    Keep Mark’s marks off the Fancy Footwear.

  5. I really did call you at an awkward moment!!! You 2 were so good natured about it. Thanks.
    I am glad you qualify for more treatment, Marty. Your attitude is inspiring. And Eddy- your every moment is filled.
    I do look forward to a visit with you. We would love a visit from you. You could see the 21,000 grape plants we are caring for.
    Love you both dearly,

  6. Continued prayers for you, Marty, as well as for Eddy and Mark! Keep up the wonderful attitude and humor.

  7. Marty, you look great! I almost said, “Get up and walk, then I realized, looks to not reveal all.
    My prayers are with you. Dr. Bill (Dad)

  8. Nice picture Marty. (Mark, you look nice too.) It sounds like your Cancer Center is very willing to work with you and Eddy. Having a great Medical facility nearby is one of the advantages of living in a large city. (I found that out 3 weeks ago when I broke my kneecap and had to go to the ER.) As you already know, Bob and I are pulling for me.

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