Riverview Cemetery next to Angel Wall

At my Men With Cancer writers’ group of August 25th, the writing prompt was “Competition.” This is what I wrote:

We visited the Riverview Cemetery last week, Doyle and I. Truth be told, I dragged Doyle there with me. I’m a green burial plot owner, and I wanted to see my plot and its surroundings in the morning sun from the East.

Although the hour was early, a couple of parties were already at the site, evidently an early graveside service and a couple visiting a recently-interred loved one with their dog. I was also looking for a sign of completion — a sign that Eddy and I had completed the arrangements for a “final rest” in a good way.

I looked up the hillside and remarked to Doyle, “Look, a coyote loping through the midst of the people and their pets with such obvious self-confidence. You can always recognize a coyote — even if you don’t think you have ever seen one before. They are never frightened — just there, immune to danger and above the fray.”

Yes, I recognized my sign, the age-old sign of the trickster, the shape-shifting presence of the coyote. May he safely inhabit this place forever.

One thought on “Competition”

  1. Love this story, Marty. Love the symbology and the alignment with your spirit animal. I too hope that wiley old coyote roams that place forever, safe & sound. Perhaps I’ll get to meet that coyote again in the Hunting Grounds of eternity.

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